Dog vs. Werewolf

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The “Dog vs. Werewolf” meme began after TV and podcasting personality Joe Rogan posted a picture of his dog Marshall alongside a werewolf statue.

The image of the passive golden retriever and the angry werewolf showcased two extremes that the meme producers quickly latched onto.


The original picture was posted on Rogan's Instagram account on November 9, 2018. It was quickly adapted to create a meme on the same day by Redditor Chaselpard, who labeled the Marshall side of the image with the hashtag #SoberOctober, and the werewolf side with #BenderNovember.


The image clearly offers the opportunity to make a distinction between two extreme points of view. This use of the image has been well represented. It allows for contrasting how people see themselves and how others view them. The memes are especially effective to demonstrate how people, or even nations, may paint a rosy picture of themselves, while their conduct is viewed differently by others.


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