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“Master's Blessing” is a recent online phenomena. This meme involves comical captions being placed on the Master's Blessing art work which was created two years back and posted to Deviant Art. Recently this image has been circulating through numerous social media outlets and has sparked great creativity and humorous phrases from countless users online.


The original, uncaptioned painting was posted to Deviant Art in 2016 However, the meme version was brought to the scene in September of 2018 by MorkarDFC, a user on Deviant Art. Upon this introduction, there have been more users spreading this picture online with it reaching a great deal of popularity and recognition in November of 2018. As of currently, this image has growing potential to leap out as a top meme of 2018.


In the original artwork, the visuals that have been created seem to illustrate an individual bowing and offering a token of sorts to a larger being. This visual concept has been parodied as one user parodied the bow and token offering and compared it to cats catching birds to impress their owners. The meanings of all the creations vary from how different users interpret the picture and how they provide their own comments and feedback.


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