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“Perhaps” is the name of a meme based on a scene from the animated movie Barnyard. It's based around a cropped image of the cow character Otis with the subtitle of 'Perhaps' added on top of it.

This format has seen widespread usage on Reddit since its inception.


In the movie, the character Otis does humorous poses and dances behind a mailman's back to poke fun at him. Whenever the mailman would look back Otis would assume a normal cow pose.

This scene is made humorous by the fact that the mailman doesn't know that the farm animals are intelligent.

In May of 2017, the first usage of this meme appeared. Reddit user 4packgo4 posted a cropped image of Otis in his neutral pose with the subtitle of 'Perhaps' in an edit referencing being questioned by the police.

Since then, the format has been used to reference countless things including anime and dating. The format has changed very little since the first time it was posted.


The meme is generally used to state that something is true while trying to uncover the other party's intentions. Typically, this is used in reference to something illegal or in reference to dating and relationships.

However, many edits have also been made referencing the initial movie the format originally came from.


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