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“Waiting for Dad” is the name of a meme based around altered images of an image used in an old magazine advertisement. These altered versions of the image are typically of the object labeling variety. However, they have also been used in other types of formats.


The advertisement the original image originated from was an advertisement by Arrow Casual Wear that was put in LIFE magazine. As Arrow Casual Wear was a clothing company, the image used in the advertisement depicted a family eagerly awaiting the father to come home so that they can surprise him with several folded shirts.

The first edit to this image was made in October of 2011. This edit depicted the family holding knives instead of shirts. This edit would go on to become its own object labeling format.

Afterward, many other different edits were made depicting the family having various different objects in their hands. Most edits after that time were of the object labeling format.

This format typically used the edited version of the image with the knives as opposed to the original image.


The first edits of the original image were made simply to put humorous objects into the hands of the family. However, the object labeling format is used in a very different way.

Typically, the object labeling format of the meme is used to reference historical and fictional events where several people or things betray or attack an individual.


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