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“You Dare Oppose Me Mortal” is the name of a meme involving various different distorted images of the cartoon character Thomas the Tank Engine.

Generally, this is used for comic effect in a disagreement or an argument, with the punchline being how Thomas the Tank Engine is a children's cartoon character.


One of the first distorted images of the cartoon character emerged on September 5th, 2016. On this day a Youtube user uploaded the first video with a slightly distorted picture of Thomas the Tank Engine. The rest of the video in question had a very loud and distorted song playing alongside it.

In April of 2019, a Reddit user by the name of Viq3579 posted an even more distorted image of the cartoon character in a meme about math teachers. This edited image was also the first of its kind to have the phrase "You dare oppose me mortal" appear on it.

Since that Reddit post, many other variations and edits to the format have been made. The format first spread to Twitter and other parts of Reddit. The edits made in this timeframe referenced anything from television shows to relationship disagreements.


The meme is used as a punchline for various different kinds of disagreements or conflicts. The joke in the format is that it's an exaggerated reaction to the disagreement in question.

Various other distorted images of Thomas the Tank Engine have been added to the format since its inception.


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