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Meme of professional wrestler Kurt Angle staring into the camera is called Bald Guy Staring, but it goes by other names like the Kurt Angle Staring and Kurt Angle Thousand-Yard Stare. With disturbing and unsettling captions, the meme became popular on TikTok towards the end of 2023. A reaction image and GIF of the video quickly went viral on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter / X.


At the end of a video he posted to his @realkurtangle TikTok account on August 2, 2023, professional wrestler Kurt Angle just stared blankly into the camera. Two hundred and sixty-nine thousand people watched and liked the video in four months.

In four days, @thebasedlander2 posted a video on TikTok with the caption "How the Genie Looks at Me: Wishing for vodka instead of a child's surgery." It got about 1.9 million plays and 360,400 likes, making it the first known meme to use the video.


This meme perfectly captures the shock and disbelief that come from seeing such shocking and outrageous behavior. For some reason, it's funny to show that you have no words to describe how shocked you are by what your opponent did.


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