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This particular meme (known as “Daily Struggle”) is an image exploit that features a man struggling to decide which of two red buttons to push. Each button features a caption that is diametrically opposed to the other button's caption.


October 25th, 2014 is the day that Jake Clark, an animator posted the initial comic to his Tumblr page. In Clark's version, the character appears distraught over being given the choices "Be a dick" and "Don't be a dick." Clark attribute the comic's inspirations as the Sweating Towel Guy meme and Hank Nova from "TimeSplitters 2." The comic has since garnered well over 10,000 notes.


The main benefit of this meme is that it can be used to draw a comedic level of absurdity between two choices with no overlap and draw attention to the potential hypocrisy of trying to hold both points being addressed.

  • Trusting in the police to stop a home invader versus the right to bear arms.
  • Wanting a normal pizza versus acknowledging pineapple as a valid pizza topping.
  • The desire for a woman to be treated like anyone else versus having others cover her part of the bill at dinner.
  • Paying money for a cat toy versus scrounging around for a decent-sized box when the cat will either be indifferent or prefer whichever decision you pass up.


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