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“Living in 1984” is a meme taken from Gary Varvel's political cartoon commenting about the suspension of Donald Trump's

Twitter account and the revocation of conservative media app Parler from multiple app stores. The cartoon involves a man turning over his calendar and seeing the year change from 2020 to 1984 as a woman quips about current events.

This year refers to Orwell's "1984," a common buzzword among conservatives when discussing perceived censorship. As those familiar with the novel have a better understanding of the book, the meme was born as a way of poking fun at conservatives and uses the original cartoon as the basis for various image exploit comics.


January 9th, 2021 saw Gary Varvel, a political cartoonist, posing a comic to address the handling of then-President Donald Trummp's Twitter account after the events of the mob breaching the US Capitol.


There are two major ways that this particular meme has been put to use.

  • As political commentary on a variety of outrageous things, either realistic or exaggerated. Examples of this form include "Twitch's" removal of the "Pogchamp" emote or being banned from the "PlayStation Network" for using racist language in online play.
  • Turning it into a joke comic about time travel, such as having the woman express interest in seeing various films that premiered in 1984.


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