Ok Ima Fight These Thoughts

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“Ok Ima Fight These Thoughts” is an entire series of image across inspired by a CG image of a boxer staring down the name of this meme against a wall.

There is a second image beneath the one of the ready boxer where he is recovering from a round of fighting said thoughts by sitting in a stool and re-hydrating while remarking on why said thoughts are so challenging to fight, defaulting to "damn this hard" and later evolving into "damn [thing] got hands."


October 6, 2020 has Twitter's @boyofyouth posting the initial tweet. Said tweet garnered over 86,000 likes and 32,000 retweets in under three months' time.


This is the perfect meme for pointing out how difficult some concepts are to discuss in public or even have a conversation with yourself regarding. Here are just a few example topics of the image being put to work.

  • A person coming to terms with their gender identity and trying to explain it to others.
  • Trying to dismantle the patriarchy.
  • Dealing with depression, using the boxer's rest to show how easy it comes to the person to do nothing.
  • Trying to overcome lactose intolerance and discovering just how many good things contain dairy.
  • Trying to quit Facebook only to be drawn back by various meme artist's works.


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