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The series of three-panel image macros titled “Pablo Escobar Waiting,” also known as “Sad Pablo Escobar,” features the character Pablo Escobar from the Netflix series Narcos, portrayed by Wagner Moura, staring vacantly in three different screen-captures from the show. This meme captures both the joy and the tedium that comes with looking forward to something.


The second season of the drama series Narcos, which is based on the life of the notorious cartel leader Pablo Escobar, was made available for streaming on Netflix on September 2nd, 2016.

The following month, on October 8th, an anonymous Meme Generator published a three-panel template of Escobar waiting with a forlorn look on his face in a field, a kitchen table, and an empty pool. The template was uploaded to the Meme Generator website. Over 950 posts had been inspired by the template within a year and a half of its introduction.


You can use this meme to express when something is boring or when you have to wait too long for something. Also, from this meme comes a sense of loneliness.


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