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The “Thumbs Up Crying Cat” meme is a reaction image involving the photoshopped image of a cat giving the viewer a thumbs-up gesture. This sister image to "Crying Cat" has commonly been used to indicate a mixture of sadness but acceptance of a situation, possibly to avoid being difficult. Why the original Crying Cat meme debuted in 2014, Thumbs Up Crying Cat is significantly younger.


On June 17th of 2019, IMAdumbgirl, a user on the social media site Reddit, uploads the initial picture. She adds a caption of "sad thumbs up" to the r/sadcats subreddit. The image goes on to garner over 1700 points, with a 99% upvote rate in a single year.


This is the sort of meme you would use when you are feeling a blend of sadness and duty. The cat obviously looks distraught but the addition of its thumbs up basically conveys the message of "Man this sucks but alright, let's get this over with." Example uses of this reaction image could include the following.

  • Being given a rain-sensitive job in the dry conditions of the summer and taking solace in receiving a paycheck despite horrible temperatures.
  • Receiving the wrong delivery from a restaurant when it is too late for a correction. You have something to kill hunger even if you have allergies.


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