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The “Train Hitting School Bus” meme typically features a train approaching a school bus that is stopped on a railway track. It is often accompanied by a caption meant to be humorous or satirical. The bus is used to represent something that gets destroyed by another, which in this case is the train.


The image is from crash test performed by Operation Lifesaver and the Union Pacific Railroad; they put an abandoned school bus on the track, then filmed the train hitting it.

This crash test was done right after real-life incident in which a train collided with a school bus. The incident occurred in the United States in the early 2000s and resulted in the deaths of several children.


The image comments on the dangers of distracted driving, with the train representing the dangers of not paying attention to one's surroundings. It is also used more light-heartedly, such as to comment on the dangers of procrastination or to make jokes about the difficulties of getting to work on time.


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