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“Videogames” is a meme that stems from Nickolodeon's long-running, much-loved situational comedy Drake and Josh. It just started to make its rounds on the Internet in the latter half of April 2019.


It's not clear what episode and season this image macro comes from, but it's safe to say that the word "Videogames" is not what Josh actually said. He said "Megan," though its creator photoshopped over it with the namesake of this macro.


Members of older generations often criticize younger generations for having access to video games and their potential effect on the members of these younger generations. Although video game addiction is nothing short of real, for example, some parents, grandparents, and other older folks blame video games for a much larger share of negative outcomes than what they're actually responsible for.

In the series, Drake and Josh would blame Megan for various pranks and ill-intentioned things she pulled on the two stepbrothers. This meme replaces the word "Megan" with "Videogames," so as to blame video games for whatever bad things are being detailed in the lines above this meme.

Take, for example, the version of Videogames that has the following text atop the image macro: "Me: dying of cancer on a hospital bed. My mom: insert "Videogames."

Video games are obviously not responsible for cancer, at least as far as we know. As such, the humor from this version of Videogames comes from the fact that parents often wrongly attribute negative outcomes like cancer to playing video games excessively.


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