Which Side Are You On?

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“Which Side Are You On?” is an ironic series of reaction and discussion images that were taken from the portfolio of a digital graphic artist who goes by the name of baileybrothaz.

In essence, this is an image macro, but it can be modified with additional superimposed graphics for the purpose of making a point, starting a flame war, or gauging public opinion on a comparative subject.


Even though this image macro has been widely used since mid-2020, its origins can be traced back to 2006. The creator of the stylized image, which is inspired by comic book art, posted it to his DeviantArt portfolio in July 2006.

Over the years, the original artwork was widely circulated, but not as an image macro; it did not formally become a meme until it appeared on a Reddit forum in July 2020, when it was used to compare chocolate milk to regular non-fat milk. Since then, the Bloods vs. Crips graphic has become a regular on social networks and discussion forums dedicated to comparison topics.


This meme is perfect to start animated discussions or heated debates. It can be used for anything from arguing about whether synthwave is better than vaporwave or whether Chris Hemsworth is more of a hunk than Chris Evans.


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