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A four-panel webcomic adaptation of the character NPC Wojak, the “Angry NPC Wojak” is a playable variant of the NPC Wojak character.

In the first frame, the gray NPC Wojak often makes a claim, which is then rejected by another white-colored figure in the second frame. This causes the grey NPC Wojak to demonstrate quiet fury by furrowing its brow in the final frame of the sequence.

In most cases, a remark from the Wojak is followed by another caption from the second character after the image is presented in the image macro format.


Early in September 2018, the original NPC Wojak meme began to circulate on 4chan, where it was frequently associated with an alt-right perception of other people as brainwashed "NPCs" (non-player characters). However, later that month, it was picked up by mainstream media outlets and popularized among a larger audience the following month.

An early example of the format featuring an Angry Wojak with furrowed eyebrows appeared on Reddit on October 13, 2018, in a post that has since been deleted from the /r/memeconomy subreddit that received 76 upvotes and 33 comments.

The exact origin of the format is unknown; however, an early example of the format was posted on Reddit. There is a good chance that the format was first seen on 4chan some time in late September.


This meme depicts a scenario in which the claim made by one person is completely debunked by another person in such a way that the first person can do nothing more than make a angry face and keep quiet about it. It is possible to use it to make fun of the fabulous phrases of certain public figures or other people.


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