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“Angry Hulk vs Civil Hulk” is the name of a meme based around contrasting two different images of the Marvel character Hulk. This format is typically used to contrast other things alongside the images.


The two images used in the meme are from the movies Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame respectively. The former image shows the Hulk looking angry and yelling, and the latter image shows the Hulk as calm and composed.

On April 30th, 2019, the first usage of the format was posted to Twitter. This edit of the format referenced men discussing two different sexual acts. Other edits on Twitter popped up soon after. Most initial edits of the format are used to show a contrast between people discussing one topic and people discussing another topic.

The format began to spread to other forms of social media and websites. After spreading, the format became more diverse in its setups. A variation of the format similar to the Drake type of format started being used around this time as well. However, most edits of the format are still similar to the original usage.


This meme is used to convey a contrast between two different topics. Typically, one thing is more enraged and angry whereas the other thing is calm, composed, and more intellectual. This format can be used to reference anything from popular culture to various different real-life scenarios.

Most often, the two things being contrasted is the discussion around certain topics or on certain platforms. The format is then used to show that individuals are angry and out of control while discussing one topic, but are humorously calm and composed when discussing another topic. The latter topic is usually something more inappropriate than the former.


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