Elmo Choosing Cocaine

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The two-part object labeling image macro series “Elmo Choosing Cocaine” depicts Elmo, the Sesame Street puppet, standing amid a cluster of fruit and a mound of white powder. Elmo lies face down in the powder heap in panel two.


The photos' precise provenance remains a mystery at this time. "Fruta o Coca." was the caption that Memedroid user TheDiamonx used when posting the two-panel image on October 13th, 2015. Most people's first exposure to the meme was in this post. In little over five years, it received over 1,400 points, which is equivalent to 9 percent upvotes.


Logic and rational choices are overshadowed by easier and more appealing ones, as this meme demonstrates. The meme emphasizes the difficulty of choosing a sensible and reasonable option over a more convenient and attractive one. It is a constant reminder of how frequently we put short-term gains ahead of what's good for us in the long run.


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