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“Girls Gossiping” is a meme otherwise known as "Jojo Whispering To Surprised Emma Roberts" that is a reaction image macro taken fro 2006's' Aquamarine. The specific image involves the songstress Jojo's character whispering into the ear of Emma Roberts' as she looks on with amazement and shock.


March 3rd, 2006 saw Aquamarine hit theaters. Said film has a seen where Claire and Hailey (played by Roberts and Joo, respectively) make friends with a mermaid while they are out on vacation.

Jumping ahead to June 11th of 2011, Blogspot's cleveland8854321 posted an image, in all caps, mocking people on Third Avenue that spoke in first person during their second trip along the street.


The meat and usefulness of this particular meme comes from the expressions on the actresses' faces. It works perfectly for writing anything that another person would be shocked and awed to hear, especially in regard to some third party that the two girls are looking at from "off camera." It could be used to great effect describing things like:

  • How financially accomplished a person is.
  • How much someone has invested into the Pokémon card game.
  • How capably someone is at coding.
  • Stating that someone drives an exotic vehicle.
  • How a person is old enough to own a Blockbuster Video card.


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