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“He Just Points At People” is the name of a meme that has been a staple on the Internet for a long period of time at this point.

It's a drawing that has a cartoonish vibe to it. It highlights a man who is next to a figure that isn't quite human. The figure's finger is pointing directly to the camera and therefore at the viewer. The man isn't just saying that the figure points at standard folks. He's saying that he points at those who are "horny" for whatever reason.


The picture comes from an original comic from Shenanigansen from Shen Comix. Shen Comix and other Owlturd artists are a staple for popular meme templates including Needle Hitting Balloon and Amateurs!. The original text of the image says "He just points at horny people", which alludes to the era in which it was released, at a time when many were social distancing (and unable to see their romantic partners).


People in contemporary society often want to conceal behaviors that are sketchy. This illustration may delve into that concept. There are many people who are quick to accuse others of engaging in behavioral patterns that are on the questionable side.

The reality is, however, that the people who do the accusing are in many cases pretty guilty on their own. This can create a situation that's rather confusing and frustrating to so many individuals.


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