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In the sixth episode of "The Last of Us," which is referred to as “Joel's Panic Attacks,” the main character, Joel Miller, who is portrayed by Pedro Pascal, appears to have anxiety attacks, which cause him to hold himself up to recover his breath. Following the episode aired in the middle of February 2023, the sequences became popular in online memes as a response image. They were accompanied with amusing comments conveying challenging jobs and circumstances.


In the sixth episode of The Last of Us, which aired on February 19, 2023, Joel appears to have multiple sequences in which he suffers from chest aches and shortness of breath. These scenes are spread out across the program. He says later on in the show that he is experiencing something that is comparable to anxiety and panic attacks.

On February 20th, a person on Twitter by the name of @DeanaXBurke posted one of the moments and praised actor Pedro Pascal's portrayal of someone having a panic attack.


You can use this meme to demonstrate how tired you are after participating in some activity. It is a popular meme on social media platforms and can be accompanied by captions such as "Me after running for 5 minutes" or "When you finally finish your exams."


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