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The image of “Shocked Black Guy” depicts the comedian Jslutty producing a look of astonishment by squinting his eyes, keeping his mouth open with his hands behind his head, and bulging his eyes.

Since June 2022, this meme has been used as a response graphic to indicate shock and astonishment on Twitter and Discord, as well as on other websites or social media platforms.


A drama video titled "AALIYAH WROTE JAY AN APOLOGY LETTER📃& MARK WANT DESIREE AND HANNAH!😱" was published on YouTube by the user FunnyMike on November 17th, 2020. In the clip, fellow YouTuber Jslutty displays a horrified appearance by folding his arms behind his head, exaggerating his eyeballs, and maintaining an open mouth position.

At the very least since June of 2022, the meme has been used on the internet as a response, most frequently to convey surprise or for memes that imagine someone being surprised. For example, on June 27, 2022, a Twitter user named @inimloom1 replied to another tweet with the image. This was the first time the image was known to have been used on Twitter.


This meme is great for making a comment on any event that is shocking enough to be scary when it is used as a response photo that can be used.  The most entertaining versions of this meme show a person, a group, or a place before and after a shocking realization.


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