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“Godzilla vs. Kong vs. Cheems” is a two-panel image macro. While the first panel shows Godzilla and King Kong about to collide in an all-out brawl, the second panel shows Cheems the dog setting up to defeat them both. It has been used as an object labeling meme.


The initial still that spawned this image exploit is taken from a trailer for "Godzilla vs Kong," released January 24th, 2021.


The meaning of this particular meme is relevant to any sort of scenario where two mighty or influential forces or persons are overtaken by a third party that takes a very different perspective from the other two parties, often for the better, be it a sincere or joking sense. Examples of the sort of situations this could be implemented in include the following:

  • An argument between proponents of C# and Java as the superior programming language with Cheems labeled C++.
  • Arguing whether breasts or butts are superior where Cheems is labelled "a cute girl with a hoodie and wonderful personality."
  • A child and their father getting into a scrap with Cheems entering the ring with the label of "My mom."
  • In a reference to Marvel's X-Men comic books, an argument between Wolverine and Cyclops with Cheem begin given the name Jean Grey, a female teammate whom they both fought over in the '90s.


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