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The “That's a Twist” meme borrows a moment from the anticipated film Detective Pikachu and uses it to indicate surprise and intrigue.

These memes can usually be found with a caption above the image, and the image is a clear response to that caption.

Whether the movie Detective Pikachu was well-received by the audience or not, this instance has definitely been turned into a recognizable meme for the millions on the internet to freely replicate.


Detective Pikachu features a moment where the titular character peers through a magnifying glass and observes an unexpected clue. The instance was deemed worthy of a meme and is quickly being replicated on Reddit and other forums.


The statement placed above the image of Pikachu saying, "That's a twist," is meant to indicate that that statement wasn't expected.

Anytime something happens that wasn't expected, it can easily be captioned and followed by the image of Pikachu murmuring, "That's a twist."

A decent example of a statement which would be considered a twist is, "When Verizon buys Tumblr and deletes porn, but sells it to Pornhub and Pornhub deletes all sfw posts and returns porn." The humor is found in the irony of the statement placed above the image. That a website would lose a large chunk of its content due to one company only to regain it and lose the content left behind when bought out by another company is the joke.


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